Image Selection “Pantone color of the year 2017 Greenery” (135)

by Sarah Zaied on Tuesday, December 20, 2016
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  • 349112
    00349112 (RM)
    Zeitgenössischer Barthresen mit drei Stühlen in einem Raum mit Natursteinwand und gepolsterten Deckenpaneelen
  • 11305855
    11305855 (RM)
    Chrysanthemums, viburnum and birch twigs in old stoneware jar on modern side table
  • 11420514
    11420514 (RM)
    Custom kitchen counter painted lime green and wall clad in vintage wooden boards
  • 11259981
    11259981 (RM)
    Trendy headphones in neon green on cushion and woollen blanket on gravel floor
  • 11017038
    11017038 (RM)
    Furniture in a mix of styles and green walls in living room
  • 11005472
    11005472 (RM)
    Hands holding lettuce plants
  • 11329840
    11329840 (RM)
    White couch with pastel scatter cushions, fruit bowl on coffee table and chair with matching foot stool
  • 11237254
    11237254 (RM)
    Green apples with satin ribbon and tag on stacked plates
  • 11237286
    11237286 (RM)
    Glasses of apple juice topped with slices of apples as straw holders
  • 11161652
    11161652 (RF)
    Close up of green buds on branch
  • 11161653
    11161653 (RF)
    Close up of green buds ad leaves on branch
  • 11222707
    11222707 (RF)
    Green apples on weathered garden bench
  • 11077839
    11077839 (RF)
    Rock garden plants
  • 11073512
    11073512 (RF)
    Green pears in front of antique clock on shelf
  • 11261005
    11261005 (RF)
    Three painted eggs hanging on white wooden wall
  • 368129
    00368129 (RM)
    Dining room with fireplace
  • 11130835
    11130835 (RM)
    Candlestick and bouquet on antique table below modern, framed posters on green wall
  • 11237266
    11237266 (RM)
    Green spherical candles and green apples on blue wooden table
  • 11125468
    11125468 (RM)
    Blue towel on white lounger in front of white curtain; bikini on green, cubic pouffe in foreground
  • 11431529
    11431529 (RM)
    Comfortable green outdoor armchair with matching footstool and fabulous sea view
  • 11089041
    11089041 (RM)
    Droplets of water on blades of grass
  • 333860
    00333860 (RM)
    A place setting with flowers in a bowl
  • 11172164
    11172164 (RM)
    Hyacinths in green plastic pots with labels
  • 455336
    00455336 (RM)
    Green physalis flowers (close-up)
  • 11157105
    11157105 (RM)
    Flower arrangement with green apples, eucalyptus, moss and star of Bethlehem
  • 11154407
    11154407 (RM)
    Green-varnished, cylindrical side tables in front of white sofa and designer pendant lamp with white slatted lampshade
  • 11297147
    11297147 (RM)
    Green futon chair flanked by standard lamps opposite modern table lamp on delicate side table
  • 11305861
    11305861 (RM)
    Summer hat with green chrysanthemum 'Anastasia' in hat band on white wooden chair
  • 11226226
    11226226 (RM)
    English oak (Quercus robur)
  • 11091012
    11091012 (RM)
    Green vase with rubber band holding flowers in place
  • 11181950
    11181950 (RM)
    Cups with apple decor next to a bowl with green apples on a white table
  • 11305851
    11305851 (RM)
    Green sweet William in white designer vase by Dik Scheepers
  • 11288121
    11288121 (RM)
    Craft utensils in yellow basket-style bowl
  • 11305848
    11305848 (RM)
    Three chrysanthemum 'Anastasia' flowers in mango-wood vase on white metal table; vintage items decorating wall
  • 11197307
    11197307 (RM)
    Arrangement of white roses and lady's mantle in china bowl next to heart-shaped, iced biscuit
  • 11305862
    11305862 (RM)
    Various vases of chrysanthemums, sweet William, carnations and viburnum; bent wire spelling 'Green' on wall
  • 11384492
    11384492 (RM)
    Caterpillar-shaped sweets on botanical drawings decorating wall
  • 11431273
    11431273 (RM)
    DIY shelves made from stepladders and boards
  • 11305856
    11305856 (RM)
    Large bouquet of chrysanthemums, viburnum, parrot tulips, birch twigs, nerine lilies and tuberose flowers
  • 11424029
    11424029 (RM)
    Stems of green leaves in glass vases on vintage wooden board
  • 11005474
    11005474 (RM)
    A lettuce being planted
  • 11183482
    11183482 (RM)
    Curved bathroom installations and green, retro floor tiles
  • 11237258
    11237258 (RM)
    Green apples used as candlesticks decorated with chamomile flowers on dining table
  • 11435794
    11435794 (RM)
    A dining table planted with grass with a pendant lamp hanging above it in a renovated period building apartment
  • 11005466
    11005466 (RM)
    A butterhead lettuce being harvested
  • 11121288
    11121288 (RM)
    Lady's mantle flowers in an aluminum cup
  • 11357633
    11357633 (RM)
    Glass vase of white hyacinths on shelf above desk calendar
  • 11237262
    11237262 (RM)
    Apple-shaped biscuits in gift box with ribbon
  • 11237267
    11237267 (RM)
    Cutlery wrapped in paper napkin with apple pattern on blue plate
  • 11392790
    11392790 (RM)
    Shades of blue and green in wall cabinet and on sink unit of white kitchen counter
  • 11237274
    11237274 (RM)
    Plate and bowl decorated with pattern of apples in napkin decoupage
  • 11384490
    11384490 (RM)
    Shortbread biscuits decorated with flower and butterfly motifs
  • 11237261
    11237261 (RM)
    Drinking straws decorated with cut-out paper apples
  • 11237283
    11237283 (RM)
    Green apple carved with love heart in cake case on plate
  • 11324588
    11324588 (RM)
    A bunch of dahlia's in a white vase on a table consisting of three separate pieces with a partially visible chair
  • 10278622
    10278622 (RM)
    Open, green, silk hosiery bag with separate compartments
  • 11181946
    11181946 (RM)
    Kitchen work area with white, mineral composite sink in front of a window with a tree patterned Roman blind
  • 11108057
    11108057 (RM)
    Interior in shades of aquamarine with green armchair & stainless lamp
  • 10302468
    10302468 (RM)
    Vases, bird ornament and toy camper van on antique chest of drawers
  • 11237275
    11237275 (RM)
    Cake forks on plate decorated with paper apples
  • 11305842
    11305842 (RM)
    Display case containing carnation, viburnum, chrysanthemums, tulips and sweet William flowers
  • 11348546
    11348546 (RF)
    Pastel sugar eggs in a mini watering can and green fork
  • 11435756
    11435756 (RM)
    Wooden chair revamped with white and green stripes
  • 11394727
    11394727 (RM)
    Wellington boots repurposed as spring vase & decorated with paper butterflies
  • 11237255
    11237255 (RM)
    Fabric cosmetics bag with pattern of apples and apple tag on zip
  • 11310480
    11310480 (RM)
    A comfortable patchwork armchair in blue and green on a rug
  • 11237260
    11237260 (RM)
    Drinking straws in green apples used as cups
  • 11390228
    11390228 (RM)
    Fabric bags in shades of green hanging from clothes hanger
  • 11237270
    11237270 (RM)
    Tealights wrapped in ribbons with apple motifs
  • 11390898
    11390898 (RM)
    Green apples decorated with ox-eye daisies and name tags on felt coasters
  • 11390897
    11390897 (RM)
    Green apples with ox-eye daisies and name cards for decorating a dining table
  • 11330287
    11330287 (RM)
    Wooden bracket shelf with drawers and hooks and hand-crafted felt pendants hanging from branch against green wall
  • 11501036
    11501036 (RM)
    Droplets of water on green leaves
  • 11450268
    11450268 (RM)
    Storage cupboards fitted in spandrel under staircase
  • 10313885
    10313885 (RM)
    Kitchen with stone wall & green worksurface
  • 11237277
    11237277 (RM)
    Green apples used as tealight holders
  • 11361625
    11361625 (RM)
    A dove on white, handmade paper with an olive sprig on a green plate
  • 11237250
    11237250 (RM)
    Green apples stacked in glass vase decorating table
  • 11339330
    11339330 (RM)
    Table set for afternoon coffee with vase of spring flowers in garden
  • 11421413
    11421413 (RM)
    Fruit and bread in green crocheted baskets on wooden table in front of seating area against brick wall
  • 10262350
    10262350 (RM)
    Lamp with lampshade hand-crafted from green raffia & wooden flowers
  • 10262354
    10262354 (RM)
    Hand-crafted book jackets made from fabric & wallpaper remnants
  • 11403153
    11403153 (RM)
    Washstand with base unit next to partition wall covered in green mosaic tiles
  • 11361621
    11361621 (RM)
    Paper napkins hand-stamped with fern motifs in wine glasses
  • 11310479
    11310479 (RM)
    A comfortable patchwork armchair in blue and green on a rug with a side table and a foot stool with a green cover
  • 11407771
    11407771 (RM)
    A modern bedside table next to a bed with a lime green padded headboard against a wall with a light-coloured liberty pattern
  • 11108073
    11108073 (RM)
    Interior in shades of aquamarine; green armchair, stainless steel designer lamp and blue sofa in background
  • 10167027
    10167027 (RM)
    Stones decorated with blue and green felt as paper weights
  • 10207535
    10207535 (RM)
    Blue and white striped sofa and curtains with leaf pattern in living room
  • 10309024
    10309024 (RM)
    Garden chairs with loose covers and table on roof terrace
  • 10295105
    10295105 (RM)
    Iron bed with patchwork quilt in bedroom
  • 10295183
    10295183 (RM)
    A table laid in a garden under apple trees
  • 11457006
    11457006 (RM)
    A DIY three-piece with the word 'green' as wall decoration
  • 10309031
    10309031 (RM)
    Teak bench, herbs in enamel containers and raffia bag on balcony
  • 11454992
    11454992 (RM)
    Man walking across large meadow
  • 10180919
    10180919 (RM)
    White wall with green flowers and cushion on chair
  • 11346341
    11346341 (RM)
    Rustic corner cupboard painted green, bedside cabinet and cat on double bed with patterned bedspread
  • 12236694
    12236694 (RM)
    Table festively set in shades of blue and green outside
  • 12236695
    12236695 (RM)
    Festively set table in shades of blue and green outdoors
  • 12236696
    12236696 (RM)
    Table festively set in shades of blue and green outdoors
  • 297105
    00297105 (RM)
    Table lamp with black and white lampshade and natural wood-style base next to glass jar on table against green-painted wall
  • 11099923
    11099923 (RM)
    Set dining table with wooden benches in front of reflective pane of glass and green-painted side wall
  • 275968
    00275968 (RM)
    A green and white bathroom
  • 297104
    00297104 (RM)
    Two table lamps with black and white lampshades on table and child's chair in front of green-painted wall
  • 11126105
    11126105 (RM)
    Sunny kitchen with retro cooker and collection of white and green china plates on wall
  • 11293634
    11293634 (RM)
    Chartreuse-flowering viburnum
  • 711660
    00711660 (RM)
    Green plates, glasses and bowls with green olives and a green patterned table cloth
  • 11247064
    11247064 (RM)
    Pale green, felt pea pods draped around small glass vase decorating table
  • 11437802
    11437802 (RM)
    Designer Outdoor-Sitzmöbel in Grün und Weiss um runde Tische im Garten
  • 11371617
    11371617 (RM)
    Green patterned scatter cushions on double bed with button-tufted headboard in front of white curtains
  • 11318853
    11318853 (RM)
    Kitchen counter with white cupboards against wall painted green with tiled splashback; chequered floor tiles
  • 11144236
    11144236 (RM)
    Comfortable green and white bedroom
  • 11510877
    11510877 (RM)
    Upholstered furniture and patterned wallpaper in classic living room in white, blue and green
  • 11435759
    11435759 (RM)
    Wooden chair revamped with green-painted seat and lettering
  • 11398923
    11398923 (RM)
    Children on bunk beds against green-painted wall
  • 11328788
    11328788 (RM)
    A view from a bed of a room divider with closed elements in white and friendly green with retro-style lamps and bed clothes
  • 11947501
    11947501 (RM)
    Grapes in a green-and-red patterned bowl on a matching tablecloth
  • 10185562
    10185562 (RM)
    A light-flooded, white living room with a sofa, coffee table and touches of green and blue
  • 10325620
    10325620 (RM)
    An armchair folded out into a bed with cushions and a green-and-yellow structured blanket between bookshelves
  • 11237207
    11237207 (RM)
    Classic lamp on side table next to bed with lime green throw and blanket with graphic pattern
  • 11427025
    11427025 (RF)
    Outstretched woman's hand brushing the tips of ears of wheat
  • 11949207
    11949207 (RM)
    Pale green sponges labelled in white with mottoes using template and hung on board wall
  • 11949206
    11949206 (RM)
    Pale green sponges labelled with template and white acrylic paint
  • 11331537
    11331537 (RM)
    Dining set in corner with conical lamps hung from polygonal ceiling panels
  • 11331535
    11331535 (RM)
    Chairs with perforated seats at round table on castors in airy interior
  • 11331536
    11331536 (RM)
    View through open door of perforated chairs at round table on castors
  • 11371665
    11371665 (RM)
    Easter arrangement in shades of green; candles with grass motif trim and rabbit ornaments on small, round table
  • 11330376
    11330376 (RM)
    Colourful living area with patterned wallpaper in retro interior
  • 11371634
    11371634 (RM)
    Illuminated bedside table below pendant lamp against retro patterned wallpaper; door leading to ensuite bathroom to one side
  • 11423709
    11423709 (RM)
    Scatter cushions on light green sofa and plexiglas table
  • 388292
    00388292 (RM)
    Spring decorations in pale green (flowers, candles, vase)
  • 11308353
    11308353 (RM)
    Miniature desk - writing desk painted pale green with vintage telephone, table lamp and rustic stool with fur cover on white board floor
  • 11346261
    11346261 (RM)
    Chair with pale green upholstery at table with white tablecloth and flower arrangements in cottage interior
  • 11515753
    11515753 (RM)
    Pale green sneakers on grey rug with pattern of stars
  • 11440242
    11440242 (RM)
    Ornamental cabbage in glass vase on vintage table, plants growing in suspended glass spheres and pale green, classic shell chair